Brandon has applied to attend Red Bull New York Residential Soccer Camp this summer and is raising funds for his program fees. Can you help?
Uncommon - North Star Academy
Newark, NJ
Successfully funded on June 3rd, 2016!
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Brandon's Story

My passion is soccer.

I started to play this sport when I was little because my whole family plays. They help me get better on the things I am not good at and I do the same for them. I learned by watching my father play, and then from there I started watching soccer on television and started to join teams. Now I am playing for a really good team and I am working my hardest over there to be on the team.

This program can help me figure out more about myself and how much skill I still have hidden within me. It can also help me accomplish my dream of being a professional player because it will help me do more things and I can take advantage of more opportunities. This program is completely based on my passion and the things that I want to do when I go into college and when I grow up.

A Note from Mr. Mitchell, Brandon's Coach

Brandon is a very special young man. He is an extremely talented as a soccer player, but more importantly, he is always working hard for his teammates, shows tremendous respect towards others, and has the highest integrity. Brandon always steps in to play a variety of positions on the soccer field where he is needed most. Also, he is the hardest working player through every training exercise and is a 'quiet' leader on the field. Brandon has earned respect from all his teammates, classmates, teachers and coaches due to the respect he shows for others. Finally, Brandon has tremendous integrity, and can always be counted on to make the right decision even when no one is paying attention.

Campaign Activity
Brandon posted an update
June 7
Excited for Camp

I will be participating in Red Bull Residential Soccer Camp this summer. I am excited to join this program because soccer is my passion and I believe that this camp will be able to help me pursue my dreams. I feel that in school I don't have an opportunity to shine as much as I would like. This camp will help me develop because I will get new tactics and ways to improve. I am looking forward to going to this camp because then I will be able to collaborate with people that have the same passion as I do. I chose this program because as a little kid I would be playing this sport and thinking about it and ways to improve.

Success! Mr. Mitchell helped Brandon raise $660
June 3
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June 3
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May 25

You will learn a lot from this experience & also have a great time.

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May 17

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May 9

I've watched you grow into your field sense and striking ability and you now pose a serious threat on the field to all opponents...even if you had zero soccer talent you deserve this opportunity based on your outstanding character and good heart. Make Newark Proud! Mr. Smith

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Brandon was accepted into Wishbone!
January 29