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Performing Arts
Fordham High School for the Arts
New York, NY
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Sabrina's Story

My passion is dance.

When I was about 9 years old, my parents put me in a mambo styled dance class to keep me active. I joined the class with little interest or enthusiasm because I did not consider myself to be a good dancer. However, that changed with each class. I started to realize how fast I learned new steps and how quick I picked up choreography. I noticed so much progress in my ability that I started to feel like I had a talent. I fell in love with getting into costume, wearing performance make-up, and getting that adrenaline right before stepping on stage. I became obsessed with it all. I have worked to broaden my horizons by taking different styled classes as much as possible. I have taken mambo, hip hop, ballroom, ballet, and modern classes. I push myself every day to try and grow as much as possible.

A Note from Ms. Gutschenritter, Sabrina's Teacher

Sabrina is one of the most deserving students I have had the opportunity to work with. When I told my colleagues that I was nominating her for this program, they were quick to agree that she is the perfect candidate for a Wishbone program, particularly one like Peridance Open Classes. Sabrina is an honors student at Fordham Arts, and is planning to apply to competitive liberal arts colleges and universities. Attending the Peridance Open Classes program is the perfect opportunity to launch Sabrina into her future. She has expressed a strong desire to spend the summer out of the city, learning what it is like to live independently and prepare herself for a college experience.

Campaign Activity
Sabrina posted an update
May 9
Attending Peridance Open Classes

I am so excited and grateful to have the opportunity to attend prestigious level dance classes. Attending Peridance Open classes gives me the exposure I need to improve my dance skills and better myself. I can't wait to be in a new atmosphere and meet new people who are just as excited as I am about improving their skills, and I can't wait to take what I've learned with me to school and all future dance classes I attend.

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April 15
Elizabeth Gutschenritter donated $36
April 15
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April 15

I also have a passion for dance and can understand what a great opportunity this will be for you. Have fun!

Rachel Chou donated $100
April 15
Annette Silva donated $25
April 8

Chase your dreams ....

From shad

Annette Silva donated $60
April 8

Sabrina is not only a great dancer, a perspect child, friend and student but a phenomenal sister. I'm so proud of my little girl. She has my support at a 1000%

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April 6
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April 6
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March 28
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March 28
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February 1