Amber has applied to attend UCLA Mock Trial Institute this summer and is raising funds for her program fees. Can you help?
Business & Law
Lighthouse Community Charter School
Oakland, CA
Successfully funded on May 22nd, 2015!
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Amber's Story

My passion is reading.

Reading became my passion when I was very little; I finished a book and got a new one. I was always able to get lost in the words. Now, my big dream is to become a Supreme Court Justice. I know that dream is a big shot, so my backup is to become a successful prosecution lawyer. I believe that lawyers are leaders who help restore justice in our community.

Attending UCLA Mock Trial Institute would help me gain experience in presenting myself to a judge and jury in a court room. This program will give me the ability to stand up for my beliefs and opinions.

A Note from Mr. Kabongo, Amber's Teacher

"Amber is a good candidate for the program because she is naturally inquisitive. She is also very bright, especially her level of emotional intelligence. UCLA Mock Trial Institute will offer her experiences that she will not be able to have otherwise. She will gain invaluable academic and life experience. Finally, she will be able to travel outside of her immediate community, which she has been longing for."

Campaign Activity
Amber posted an update
June 22
Excited for UCLA Mock Trial Program

I'm so excited to spend a week at the UCLA campus. The Mock Trial Program is an opportunity for me to explore my interest in law and to see if I could pursue a future in this field. This program also allows me to explore college and experience what it's like to be a college student. I'm so grateful for everyone that has helped me get to this program.

Success! Mr. Kabongo helped Amber raise $1,968
May 22
Leilani Keone donated $43
May 22

I love you Amber! I hope this experience will further your passion for reading and education.

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Amenda McCallister donated $100
May 22

This donation is from Uncle Donavan McCallister! Keep doing great things, Ber!

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Layla Jenkins donated $40
May 21

You are destined to do great things! This is only the beginning!

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Anonymous donated $50
May 21
Ray & Car Blas donated $50
May 21

Pursue your dreams and be proud of who you are.

Wreath Anderson donated $100
May 20

Glad to help in seeing you do great things! Keep keeping up on life & enjoy every minute!!!!

Marlena Vergara donated $50
May 20

You make all of us proud baby girl! Continue to strive for the best... Love You!

Anonymous donated $10
May 20
Hamu Yaropa donated $25
May 20
Janette Dela Concepcion donated $50
May 18

So proud of you, Ber! Chase your dream, girl! You are amazing.

Michael Thomas donated $500
May 18

Good luck!

Diane Dowgielewicz donated $50
May 18

Keep it up, AMBER!!!! Wooo Hoooo!

Amenda McCallister donated $50
May 17
Anonymous donated $168
May 5
University of California Los Angeles
University of California Los Angeles donated $500
May 5
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May 5
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February 23