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Business & Law
Cristo Rey High School San Jose
San Jose, California
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Deisy's Story

My passion is business.

My passion for business came from my dad's hard work and dedication to business. All my life, I have watched my dad manage his own business. The idea of being my own boss and using different techniques to make a business succeed is a goal that I’ve developed. Growing up, I always looked up to my dad and wanted to follow his footsteps. He is in the process of starting his own business, and I see him using different strategies and organization skills to keep his small business rising. As I watch him, I’ve realized that business is something that I’m interested in and would like to do one day. Working with my dad helped me discover the outstanding techniques that business owners use like networking, marketing, and finance. I want to develop those skills and reach my goal of becoming an entrepreneur and most importantly, make my dad proud.

Attending NSLC Business and Entrepreneurship will help me develop my passion for business by teaching me what it takes to form a company from scratch. I will form new experiences that will help me with my goals in the future. I will be able to learn what it is like to manage a business by acting as the CEO of my own company. The guest-speakers and team building project presented in the program will give me a once in a lifetime opportunity to network with entrepreneurs that are experienced. By attending this program, I'll form new skills that will allow me to be able to assist my dad in the development of his small business and put a smile on his face.

A Note from Mr. Tomlinson, Deisy's Counselor

Deisy is an excellent candidate for NSLC Business and Entrepreneurship because she has more business acumen than most students her age and would benefit from the program in that she still has a lot to learn in order to support her family and career aspirations. Deisy understands that the type of work a business engages in does not necessarily dictate or limit the careers available within that organization. She understands that businesses are only as strong as the individuals they employ, and has seen how the different sectors - and even individual employees - of a company are connected and co-dependent. Deisy is starting to learn the in and outs of marketing, distribution, and networking, but she has also seen how difficult it can be to do these things well.

Deisy is ideal for NSLC Business and Entrepreneurship because she possesses a foundational knowledge of business, but also because she is ready to elevate that expertise to the next level. Deisy belongs in this program because it will give her a chance to show what she knows and expand on that knowledge, in a way that will benefit both her and her entire family.

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