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Diana's Story

My passion is Writing.

From a young age I spent most of my time with a book in my hand. The simplicity of reading a story heightened my interest in school, expanded my vocabulary, and ignited my interest in writing. Beyond publishing a book, my passion for writing stems from an online community of aspiring writers who hope for someone to read their writing. Recognizing that these are the writers are the potential authors of the future is truly amazing.

To be able to attend the San Jose Area Writing Project-Teen Writing Institute would further identify the type of writer I am. Being able to have a place in which I am surrounded by others who share the same passion as me. I want to have an opportunity to write creatively in an environment where I can receive constructive feedback.

A Note from Ms. Kamal, Diana's Teacher

"Diana is a highly qualified candidate for the San Jose Writing Project. She is currently in my AP English Literature course, and I have firsthand witnessed the strong writing, critical reading, and analytical skills she has. Diana led her book club discussions to new insights, reads novels beyond her reading level, and has excelled in creating her own poetry and literary analysis at the college level.

Diana is the only junior to achieve an A in AP Literature, and her knowledge and writing skills surpasses that of many seniors in the class. Our campus lacks a creative writing club and has only recently established an online newspaper- to which Diana additionally contributes. Participating in the San Jose Writing Project will allow her to explore different genres of fiction writing, when often in her academic courses she is focused on academic writing."

Campaign Activity
Diana posted an update
August 3
My Life-Changing Summer at SJSU

Thank you to Wishbone and everyone who donated to my campaign. This summer was life changing and allowed me to share my passion with other students who are equally passionate. The first week was an improv class with games that helped us with our creative writing. The second week I was in a class named "Inventing Selves" which centered around the development of a character with a reflection of ourselves. This week we were in groups the majority of the time. We built ideas based on each other's work and gave each other constructive criticism. On the last day I was given the chance to share my work with all the classes, teachers, and family members. I am so thankful for this experience because it has given me insight into the career I want to pursue, as well as given me confidence in the work I have created.

Week One Group
Week One Group
Diana posted an update
June 7
Excited for SJSU Writing Institute

As summer is approaching my excitement is continuously rising. I am excited to meet new people who share the same passion as me and learn from them as well. This is an opportunity of a lifetime that will help me strengthen my writing skills and further my knowledge.

Success! Ms. Kamal helped Diana raise $600
April 21
Cristina Lopez donated $21
April 21

I'm so proud of you! I know that this will be an amazing opportunity and I can't wait to hear all about it!

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April 20
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April 19
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April 10

So proud of you Diana!! May all your dreams come true.

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April 7
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April 7

I'm so proud of you Diana. Spread your wings little one. You make me a proud sister.

Maria Moyoli donated $25
April 7

I'm proud of you love!

Kelly Curtin donated $40
April 6

Diana, you are amazing! I can't wait to hear about your experience this summer.

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April 6
San Jose State University
San Jose State University donated $130
April 6
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April 6
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January 29