Katherine has applied to attend UConn Pre-College Summer Program this summer and is raising funds for her program fees. Can you help?
Liberal Arts
Orville H. Platt High School
Meriden, CT
Successfully funded on April 24th, 2017!
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$1,850 raised
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Katherine's Story

My passion is nursing.

Helping others has always been a passion of mine, whether it is helping someone with homework, someone who is feeling blue, or helping my parents clean the house. Also I grew up noticing that nurses were a huge help to a hospital, it amazes me. For example, when I had to go into the Emergency Room, the nurses were the ones comforting me, explaining to me everything that was going on, and the first ones to help me feel better. It was then that I realized that nursing could be a great career choice for me, it would be such a privilege. Plus, this year I am taking a Medical Careers class, it has made me even more interested in nursing. Nurses act as caregivers, communicators, and teachers. It would be a great privilege to become a nurse one day.

A Note from Mrs. Hayes, Katherine's Teacher

Katherine is a student who stood out to me, even from day one, and she is a student who I felt a deep sense of pride for. She was the student everyone looked up to, her work was completed on time, and completed well, but it was the care that showed through so clearly that made her shine. She works hard, in fact, she worked harder than the majority of her peers.
Katherine was one of the rare student's that I knew I was always able to count on. Not only was she a reliable student in terms of attendance, but she was consistently prepared for class with materials and assignments. You can see in the way she carries herself; she stands tall, she has poise and grace, that she cares about her future. This is a young woman who constantly has her endgame in mind.

Katherine was prepared for High School on day one. I was proud of her commitment to her studies, but I was also proud of her for jumping onto the swim team in the Fall, as well as joining the track team in the Spring. It can be difficult transitioning from Middle School to High School, but I saw none of those Freshman year jitters from Katherine!

It it vital to me that it comes across how much I value having a student like Katherine in my life. She is tremendously special to me, outside of just being a former student. Katherine and I connected on many levels outside of the confines of our classroom. Very quickly we both realized that we had multiple shared “life appreciations” in the important things like pop culture! However, it was these conversations that helped build our relationship, and allowed me to get to know Katherine as the mature young woman I know would be perfect for the UConn Pre-College Summer Program.

Campaign Activity
Success! Mrs. Hayes helped Katherine raise $1,850
April 24
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April 24
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April 23

Enjoy your summer experience, Katherine!

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April 14
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March 28

Good luck Katherine!

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March 24
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March 22

Por tu iniciativa a continuar adelante, Habra muchos obstaculos en tu camino, mas sin embargo con perseverancia puedes lograr tu objetivo.

Claudia y Luis Lemus donated $100
March 21

Mucha suerte 🍀

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March 21

Cumple tus sueños 😘

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March 20
University of Connecticut
University of Connecticut donated $500
March 20
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March 20
Katherine was accepted into Wishbone!
February 1